Rose tattoo: your expression of festival flair

Rose with leaves CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.6 cm x 4.1 cm)
Ohana Rose CHF 13.00
Size: L (2.0 cm x 7.5 cm)
Rose blossom CHF 9.00
Size: S (3.5 cm x 3.8 cm)
Small rose CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.8 cm x 2.0 cm)
Rose filled in CHF 11.00
Size: M (2.5 cm x 6.0 cm)
Size: S (1.3 cm x 2.5 cm)
Size: S (2.1 cm x 3.9 cm)
Beautiful rose CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.7 cm x 1.9 cm)
Rose with stem CHF 9.00
Size: S (2.7 cm x 4.2 cm)
Rose in cup CHF 9.00
Size: S (2.7 cm x 4.3 cm)
Fine rose CHF 13.00
Size: L (2.4 cm x 5.0 cm)
Flower with stem CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.6 cm x 4.0 cm)

Take the universal symbol of love and beauty to a whole new level with our temporary rose tattoo. Whether as a single blossom, as part of a larger design or as a black rose - a rose tattoo offers numerous possibilities for personal statements. From a classic rose tattoo on the arm to a striking rose tattoo on the hand - at minink you'll find a variety of designs that perfectly match your festival lifestyle.

Black rose tattoo: mysticism meets modern lifestyle

A black rose tattoo is more than just a tattoo - it is a powerful symbol that expresses your individual essence. The color black stands for power, elegance and mysticism, while the rose itself symbolizes love and beauty. This combination makes the black rose tattoo the perfect choice for anyone who wants to spice up their look with a touch of mysticism and modern festival flair.

Rose tattoos on the arm and hand: setting stylish accents

The combination of rose tattoos and the visible areas of the arm and hand is a popular way to make a subtle statement. Rose tattoos on the arm or hand look delicate and allow a variety of individual forms of expression. Whether as a blossom in rose style on the forearm or as a detailed single flower on the upper arm - rose tattoos unfold their full splendor on your skin.

Floral splendor that inspires and enchants

Inspired by the elegance of roses? Our world of flowers holds even more treasures for you. Discover the expressive lotus flower tattoos, the delicate poetry of the dandelion tattoos or the symbolic beauty of the forget-me-not tattoos. Each design is a tribute to the diversity of nature and invites you to unleash your own floral splendor.