Cross tattoo: a symbol of faith and spirituality

Small cross CHF 9.00
Size: S (2.0 cm x 4.0 cm)
Heart with cross CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.2 cm x 2.0 cm)
Fine cross CHF 13.00
Size: L (4.7 cm x 9.0 cm)
Cross filled in CHF 9.00
Size: S (2.1 cm x 3.4 cm)
Cross with dots CHF 9.00
Size: S (2.3 cm x 3.9 cm)
Cross with chain CHF 13.00
Size: L (3.7 cm x 6.5 cm)
Abstract cross 2 CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.2 cm x 6.3 cm)
Artistic cross CHF 11.00
Size: M (1.4 cm x 3.5 cm)
Abstract cross CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.0 cm x 4.8 cm)

The cross tattoo is a timeless symbol that has inspired people all over the world for generations. It is a powerful sign of faith, hope and spiritual depth. At minink you will find a variety of different temporary cross tattoos, ranging from traditional to modern interpretations. Each tattoo reflects the deep symbolic meaning of the cross, a sign of faith that has endured through the ages.

The versatility of the cross tattoo

The cross is one of the oldest and best-known symbols in the world and carries numerous meanings. It stands for faith, redemption, sacrifice and love. A cross tattoo can express a personal religious conviction or a deep spiritual connection. Browse our collection and discover your favorites, ranging from simple elegance to detailed, artistic compositions. Whether you are looking for a subtle sign of your faith or want to make a bold statement - our cross tattoos have something to suit every form of expression.

Wearing crosses - making a statement

A cross tattoo that lasts up to 2 weeks is more than just an accessory; it is a conscious decision to make your beliefs visible. Whether on your wrist, upper arm or anywhere else on your body, a cross tattoo from minink is always an eye-catcher. Our fake tattoos are the perfect choice for expressing your spiritual values in a stylish and individual way.

Discover more symbols of hope

At minink, the journey doesn't end with the cross. Immerse yourself in the world of hope and faith with our diverse selection of symbol tattoos. From the calm radiance of the anchor tattoos to the passionate energy of the heart tattoos and the directional compass tattoos, every design in our range offers you the opportunity to express your story and your style. Browse our entire range of symbol tattoos now and find the perfect tattoo to match your personality.