Lily tattoo - a symbol of purity

Bouquet of lilies CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.1 cm x 6.3 cm)
Size: L (4.7 cm x 3.8 cm)
Lilies with leaves CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.7 cm x 6.1 cm)
Lily CHF 9.00
Size: S (3.2 cm x 3.9 cm)
Lily blossom CHF 9.00
Size: S (3.0 cm x 2.9 cm)
Lily with stem CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.2 cm x 4.8 cm)
Blooming lily CHF 11.00
Size: M (3.8 cm x 3.2 cm)

Would you like to wear a timeless symbol of beauty and purity in the form of a temporary lily tattoo? We're sure to have the right one for you in our minink range. Lilies are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also carry a profound meaning. With a lily tattoo, you are wearing a symbol of hope, innocence and rebirth.

Our range of lily tattoo templates

Lilies have been a popular motif in art and symbolism since ancient times, offering a powerful message in an elegant design. Discover our selection of lily tattoo templates that are perfect for your forearm or any other part of your body. Whether you prefer a delicate, minimalist design or are looking for a detailed motif, you're sure to find the right tattoo for you in our range. Our tattoos are safe and easy to apply and will last, whether you're traveling or having brunch with friends.

Your style in full bloom

At minink, you won't just find the timeless elegance of lily tattoos. Browse the full range of our floral collection that will make your look blossom. Immerse yourself in the embodied warmth of the sunflower tattoos, be enchanted by the exotic grace of the orchid tattoos or feel the romantic poetry of the poppy tattoos. Each flower carries its own deep meaning and is waiting to become part of your personal expression. Let your skin tell the stories that are close to your heart.