Music tattoo: a world of sound for your skin

Size: S (4.3 cm x 2.2 cm)
Treble clef CHF 9.00
Size: S (1.0 cm x 2.8 cm)
Size: S (1.1 cm x 2.0 cm)
Size: S (3.6 cm x 2.3 cm)
Size: M (1.1 cm x 7.0 cm)
Size: S (1.5 cm x 1.9 cm)
Size: M (3.4 cm x 2.4 cm)

Music is the language of the soul and a source of endless inspiration - and with our music tattoos you can wear this passion on your skin. At minink, we are passionate about the power and beauty of music and we believe that a tattoo can make music visible, and our selection will delight music lovers.

A touch of melodious elegance

Notes are the building blocks of music, and a music-related tattoo is a simple and elegant way to express your love of music. At minink, you'll find a range of music tattoos that interpret this classic musical symbol in new and exciting designs. Let yourself be enchanted by the symphony of our designs and find the temporary tattoo that plays your personal melody.

The soundtrack of your life

Let the music speak through your skin. And if you're looking for even more expressiveness, explore our triangle tattoos for geometric straightforwardness, be inspired by the ornament tattoos, conjure up a grin with our smiley tattoos or find your direction in life with the arrow tattoos. Each piece in our collection is a tribute to the diversity and importance that music plays in our lives.